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Giuliano Todesco is an energy systems engineering technologist with over 30 years of consulting experience in energy management and energy efficiency. He has training in energy analysis and energy auditing and in the mid 1990 started to develop a passionate interest in low energy building designs, the IBD concept and energy modelling. Initially he developed a spreadsheet based energy model that used the modified bin method and subsequently gained expertise using DOE2.1E based hourly energy models such as VisualDOE, the Canadian EE4 program and eQUEST. Additionally, he has knowledge of HVAC load calculations which are also used throughout the site to demonstrate the reduction in HVAC equipment sizing. 

His first article on design of super efficient buildings through application of the integrated design process was published in 1996 and is one of the first articles on the subject of IBD. This article provided details of high performance construction programs from the 1990s including Bonneville Power’s Energy Edge, the PG&E Advanced Customer Technology Test (ACT2) and the C-2000 Program from the Canadian government. The article further described the IBD concept and quantified, via analytical means, the energy savings and equipment downsizing that can be achieved through a systematic load minimization and selection of “best-in-class” equipment. Even though this article is over 20 years old, it described aggressive design strategies including high performance glazing systems with multiple suspended low-e films, lighting designs with connected LPDs of 0.7 W/ft² (7.5 W/m²) and chilled ceilings + DV (CC/DV), which were already in use in Europe, but were virtually unknown in North America.

He continued publishing articles and expanding the IBD concept with a paper presented at the 1998 Energy Efficient Building Association (EEBA) Conference with an expanded IBD process flow chart, which has been updated and included in the “IBD Process” page.

He wrote more papers on the subject of low energy buildings and the IBD concept from 2004 to 2010. These are also available in the reference section.

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